Additional Information


Discussing Professional Land Surveying Services

Falla & Sons Land Surveys, Inc. offers consultations. The P.L.S. will meet with potential clients at their job site or they meet us at our office in Palermo. We discuss several surveying options and the end result of each service. The consultation is beneficial in gaining the necessary knowledge to select the correct surveying service for their project.


Falla & Sons Land Surveys, Inc. has invested in only the premier equipment available, which ensures the highest level of accuracy for the land surveying services we offer. We are knowledgeable and professionally trained in the equipment we use.

Client Communication

Falla & Sons Land Surveys, Inc. supplies all our clients with a written contract or an estimate. Our contracts are very clear on the scope of work to be performed for our clients and schedule of start date and final delivery. The Terms of Agreement is signed by one of the owners of Falla & Sons Land Surveys, Inc. and our clients. This ensures we and our clients have a solid understanding of expectations going forward and throughout the project.

We update our clients on the progress of their surveying project by email and phone calls. We meet with our clients to discuss and review preliminary plans. Once the project and plans are 100% complete we have a final meeting or phone conference call to answer any questions our clients have. We at Falla & Sons Land Surveys, Inc. communicate with our valued clients.


All plans are CAD drawn. The plan provides the client with a permanent record of the land survey. If any of the monuments are lost or destroyed, they can be replaced with the information on the plan. All plans are embossed with the P.L.S. seal and signed by the surveyor which indicated the survey conforms to the State of Maine Standards. Our boundary survey clients receive two full size copies (24x36) and two small sizes (11x17).

Legal Descriptions

We provide our clients a paper copy of their legal description along with emailing the legal description (schedule A) directly to their attorney for preparing of the deed. We provide this service to eliminate any scrivener’s error.

Property Pins

We customarily use #5 rebar, four foot long for our boundary markers or monuments. We set monuments at the appropriate depth to ensure longevity. We set the property pins three feet below grade with one foot above grade for the placing of our survey cap and visibility. We also set the property pins below grade completely in cases of roads, walkways, children and lawnmowers (safety) and where no visibility of property pins are needed.

Boundary Lines

Once we set the property pins, and when appropriate we will delineate with surveyor bright colored flagging between the subject property’s monuments. We also walk the boundary lines with our clients so they have a solid understanding of their property boundaries. This gives our clients the opportunity to “stay the course” and be good stewards of their land.